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About TeamViewer

TeamViewer connects any PC, Server, or Device on any platform globally in a few seconds. Available in over 30 languages, TeamViewer is one of the world's most popular providers of remote control and online meeting software, reaching over 1bil devices. Focusing on cloud-based technologies to enable online support, collaborating in real time across the globe, with an expanded product portfolio, including ITBrain (anti-malware), Monitis (website monitoring system), and Blizz (online collaboration).

Features of TeamViewer

TeamViewer can be used with Windows, Mac, and Linux and also has a version that may be used on iPhones. There is a mobile version that can be placed on a disk or USB stick, which makes this an efficient option for those that travel. TeamViewer’s flexibility makes it useful in most situations.

  • Training videos, presentations, and demonstrations can easily be shared using TeamViewer. It also includes a status display so that team members can quickly find one another and communicate.
  • TeamViewer does not require each machine to have the software installed. This is especially helpful in customer support situations. The customer can run the program without installation, which allows the technician remote access in order to provide the support. The technician’s workstation requires installation and a license./LI>

Overview of TeamViewer Benefits

TeamViewer brings a ton of advantages for businesses who want to be on top of their IT infrastructure and processes. Listed below are just three of the pros that come with TeamViewer:

  • Easy transfer or passing of control from one party to another. This speeds up the workflow and improves productivity as well.
  • Team sessions make it easy for administrators to manage multiple parties at any given time.
  • Quick and easy file sharing using a drag and drop interface allows users to collaborate and work together in fixing issues.


TeamViewer is a good option if you're new to the world of remote desktop access. Not only is it free, but novices won't have a difficult time with setup. TeamViewer doesn't have the most well-designed interface, but it equips users with enough basic functionality for their productivity tasks and throws a few extra features into the mix. More advanced users, however, will want to step up to LogMeInPro for the iPad or LogMeIn Ignition for Android.

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